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Marty I write this with reservations and regret but America is not at war. I am a combat veteran with decorations from actions at war in Vietnam. I say this with total respect to those who have served and are now serving. I support the troops without reservation but if we really support the troops then please let us demand that America get them all away from the Mid East. These are fanatics and have been fighting for hundreds of years. These are tribal people still living in the stone ages. If not for the Western powers stemming from both the 1st and 2nd world wars, they would not have modern weapons.

Americans have to learn that we have to tell our idiot politicians not involve us in their wars unless they are willing to go themselves and with their children on the front lines, no exceptions. Re-start the draft and that will stop any future wars. If we go to then all of us have to bear the sacrifice, no exemptions.

No war since the 2nd World War was necessary. As for our fallen soldiers, I have been in your boots but for the grace of God I survived. For those who suffer from physical and mental injuries such as PTSD, demand care from the V A. America owes you. God bless you all and I wish you better years than the the last 10 years.

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