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Campbell's is recalling 300 cases of Prego pasta sauce that may not be safe for consumption. On January 1, Business Insider reported that the food company is voluntarily recalling cases of the Traditional Italian sauce. Other flavors were not reportedly affected.

The jars in question can be identified by a June 16, 2015 use by date. They also are marked with a military time code in the range of 'CT BJ ZV 0330' through 'CT BJ ZV 0449.' The date and time information can be found on the lid of the jar.

Although no illness has been reported in regard to the Prego pasta sauce, the company is taking precautionary measures. This recall follows the discovery of possible product spoilage within those batches.

The 24-ounce jars of Prego Traditional pasta sauce were shipped to multiple states on December 21. Those who purchase this brand of sauce should be on alert regardless of which state they live and be sure to check the date and time stamp on the lid.

Customers who have already purchased the recalled Prego sauce are entitled to a refund and can return their sauce to the store in which it was purchased. Any questions in regard to this recall may be directed to the Campbell Soup Company by calling 866-270-9303.

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