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Have you ever heard of diatomaceous earth? If you own a swimming pool, you probably have. It is an excellent filtration product, but did you know, it is also a natural insect killer that doesn't harm humans or pets as long as it is the food grade type.

Diatomaceous earth is an abrasive material that absorbs lipids from the outer layer of insects, causing them to dehydrate. It should not be heat-treated before use. Even though it is found in its natural state, it is still regulated by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

It is easy to apply. Just sprinkle a little along window sills, bottoms of entrance doors and other places where insect activity has been observed. When the insect problem has been been taken care of, you can just vacuum it up until next time. Also, for a natural garden insecticide, put four tablespoons of diatomaceous earth into a 1-gallon jug of water. Seal the jug and shake to dissolve the powder. Then just spray it on your plants.

If you decide to use this green living insecticide, be sure and get the food grade diatomaceous earth. It can be found in most of the stores that sell other pesticides, or you can order it over the Internet. Be sure and watch the video in this article, and get more ideas on how and where to use this product.

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