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Rich Newman, owner of Elsinore Productions and founder of the "Memphis Film Society," has announced that a two day screenwriting workshop will be held in Memphis on Saturday, January 11 and 12, 2014. In a statement, Rich talks about the workshop.

"Bring your idea for a movie and leave with a blueprint for your screenplay! Over the course of two six hour days, you will:

--Identify the perfect title.--Understand the underlying theme of the movie--as well as the goal for driving this theme home.--Write a concise logline for your movie to be used for pitches, marketing, and print advertising.--Identify the major characters for your screenplay, as well as flesh out the protagonist and antagonist with a three act story structure.--Cover the script basics for dialogue.--Analyze three successful screenplays and apply those basic principles to your story.--Write a three page treatment for your film.--Construct a sixty scene outline for your screenplay.--Take home tips for writing your full script.--Know what’s next for your finished script.

Using peer review and in-class writing techniques/exercises, all work will be done during the course (in other words, no homework!). Attendees will also receive a folder of information to take home pertaining to screenwriting--as well as useful tools for writing your script.

If you've been wanting to turn your idea into a screenplay for a film, this is your chance. Every attendee will get the chance to get feedback from everyone, and get one-on-one assistance with their story. Cost of the class is --and all proceeds are going into the production of a locally shot independent film. So come on out--and bring your laptop!"

Rich, has not only worked in films in the Memphis area, but his experience in the industry is noted in films such as "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)," "The Alamo" and "Friday Night Lights." His production company produced the documentary "Ghosts of War," and is involved with the upcoming films, "The Ouija Experience" and "Blackburn." Rich has also worked for the Austin Film Festival, the SXSW Film Festival, and has functioned as a producer’s representative for four films, including the Tennessee movies "Makeout With Violence" and "Daylight Fades."

For more information, and the location of the class, contact Rich Newman at the Memphis Film Society.

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