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The year opened with an announcement suggesting that multi-award winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin and the nationally acclaimed choir God's Property may come together and make music happen again.

Franklin possesses a rare touch for bringing out the extraordinary within groups and choirs, and God's Property was one of his prize jewels. In 1997, Franklin joined forces with God's Property and hit the music charts with the popular song, "Stomp". It was a huge success and gained great publicity on many mainstream music outlets.

On January 1, 2014 a post was found on Franklin's official Facebook page that read:

"FAMILY I think it's time to get the band back together...! GP ARE YOU WITH ME?!?! #2014"

An explosion erupted and the excitement poured in like liquid. There are over 50,000 'likes' and over 500 responses to this post as of this moment. It shows that God's Property was never forgotten and is still applauded for their dynamic music abilities. The Dallas based choir gave us a rich and professional sound that rose to a category of its own. With so many gifted, talented, and anointed singers and band members, they were destined for greatness.

Just recently, they were spotted at the home going service of one of their former singers, Minister Bridgette Y. Jernigan-Washington. As they are known for doing, they sang the Holy Ghost power down and caused a spirit of joy and praise to fall on the congregation. They in no way have lost it!!

If this reunion takes place, it is going to be the buzz of the nation and abroad. We know that the music presentation would be second to none, and once again there would be powerful messages in song coming from God's Property that will inspire and encourage us to continue in our walk of faith.

The gospel community is awaiting to see what will occur. No specific time of the year has been indicated, but we are certainly keeping our eyes and ears open to gather more about what could possibly be one of the most monumental occasions of the year in the gospel music industry.

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