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There is nothing written here about diversification of the local economy that needs to happen. Speculation bubbles impacted the local economy. Homes were built and workers commuted to work out of town. SBC will continue to accommodate the housing needs of families whose wage earners will commute to Silicon Valley as the high tech economy improves. If that trend didn't occur in the '90's, the population in Hollister would have stagnated.

Ag based economies and social structures are not conducive to economic diversity and growth. The status quo still prevails and there does not appear to be any leadership or compelling reason to grow the economy or educate the populace to prepare for new technology jobs.

Many are predicting a macro-economic implosion from an overstaffed, overpaid government services sector that will bankrupt local government. It's not hard to anticipate the slow-motion train wreck that will occur because the staff driving the train are in full denial of the forthcoming bridge collapse that will imperil their lives and careers.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it philosophy is evident with local infrastructure; hence, the sewer treatment debacle/building moratorium and chronic water main failures in Hollister, etc.

On the bright side, we have great weather.

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