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Moriarty: “You look a bit tired.”

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  • Sherlock: “You look a bit evil.”

    “The Diabolical Kind” is tonight’s episode of “Elementary.” If you have yet to see tonight’s episode, beware of spoilers! To review the last case file, click here. “Elementary” airs Thursday nights at 9 on CBS (KHOU).

    Moriarty is back! She brings a great dynamic to the episode. Her scenes with Sherlock are absolutely fantastic, but this episode features a lot more of Moriarty and Watson. Something has been bothering Moriarty. She can’t understand Sherlock and Watson’s partnership. The back and forth at the crime scene between Moriarty and Watson is absolutely fantastic. It is also great to see Watson counsel both Sherlock and Moriarty on their feelings towards one another. Did you enjoy Moriarty and Watson’s scenes together?

    The case of the episode comes in second to the personal storylines of the episode. A little girl, Kayden, is kidnapped, and her father is murdered. As it turns out, one of Moriarty’s lieutenants, Faux-riarty as Sherlock calls him, is behind all of this. He kidnaps Kayden in order to get something from Moriarty. It is a little confusing to understand his motivations. The way Moriarty explains it to Sherlock, her lieutenant wants her book of interesting facts. Obviously these facts are more than just amusing tidbits, but there is not any specification as to what these facts are. Hopefully the writers will revisit this book of facts because right now it feels like a set up for a future episode. If the writers never follow through with this, it will be a mistake. What are your theories on Moriarty’s dossier of interesting facts?

    The big twist of the episode is that Kayden is actually Moriarty’s daughter! Unfortunately, there isn’t too much elaboration on this twist. All that is said is that Moriarty had Kayden at the beginning of her career, before she met Sherlock, and she gave Kayden away because her lifestyle does not mesh well with a child. This is an interesting development, and it would be great to understand more of Moriarty’s feelings about Kayden. Obviously she cares because she goes after her lieutenant and kills him. Also, as Watson says, Moriarty appears angry when listening to the phone call in Gregson’s office. There are clues to how Moriarty feels, but there is not enough time spent hearing how Moriarty feels. This is something that could be revealed in one of her letters to Sherlock. What did you think of this twist?

    Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Did you enjoy seeing Moriarty again? Make sure you hit subscribe.

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