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Environmentalists are looking at Utah’s air pollution in the wrong light. In fact, if they would just watch one of the beautiful sunrises or sunsets that the air pollution is part of, they can see that the inversion is a natural part of the bounty that Utah has been given.

Aside from the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, having low standards when it comes to air pollution and companies and judging each company on its own merit rather than on the situation at hand and how they pollutions would interact allows Utah to be a good place for business in more ways than one.

Sure the state benefits from refinery and mine expansions in the form of those jobs directly, but it also benefits from the secondary jobs that are created as the air pollution gets worse. The gas mask industry, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals, and mortuaries all benefit in an increase of business and profitability.

Air pollution decreases life expectancy. This is a boon for all of the younger people who need jobs, and for retirement programs that will not have to pay out benefits as long as some areas with cleaner air.

For those who are concerned with the problem of overpopulation, air pollution has been linked to infertility in men and women. Even those children who are born in spite of air quality concerns will be better suited to service sector jobs as they will have on average a lower I.Q. than their counterparts breathing cleaner air.

All of this points to a better economy, more profits, and a more pliable population, so before you attend the next “Clean Air” rally, you really need to weigh the rights and health of a million people against the eight or nine corporations that stand to really profit from Utah government’s desire to be like Jacob Marley – good for business.

Forget about the expansions of refineries and mines, and take a deep breath on the worst of the inversion days. That is the smell of industry, economic prosperity for international companies, and jobs being created. So relax, Utahns, and drive on.

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