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XLancer, Glad you're back but in this case some of your did you know lead ins make no sense. First, it should be obvious to anyone buying a light bulb that a dimmable version serves two purposes - that's why dimmers are on the market. When at full output they provide working light, when dimmed they often provide background or decorative lighting.

Second, if it's true that CFLs have less mercury than a can of tuna AND the cumulative effect of all the CFLs are insignificant, why can't we just throw them in the trash? That's what we do with unused tuna. The green-crazies can't have it both ways, it cannot be both safe AND dangerous for the same hazard at the same time.

Third, even curbside collection is not free! It costs time and money for the operator to leave the truck.

The fact that a CFLs puts out more lumens per watt of energy is well established - nowhere did I even hint otherwise, the problem is making that light useful. That other fact - that you have to shop for standard size CFLs - makes my point; they are NOT plug and play compatible and, even worse, they are not getting anywhere near the advertised useful life, especially in closed fixtures. Luminous efficacy is meaningless If you can't get the light to where it's needed in the form it's needed. We humans operate (mostly) on reflected light, so it's important that the light get where it needed that's why reflector and fixture design are so important. Poor sized CFLs fail in this.

The incandescent lamp may have a lousy history, but having lousy CFLs is not going to make that better! CFLs stink and everyone knows it! I've bought and thrown enough of them away to prove it. Stink, stink, stink (now ask me how I really feel about it).

p.s. I recently bought some LED replacements for our 6-inch dia. can lights, PAR30, 75W 'equivalent' (13.5W) to replace PAR30 50W Halogens. Rating is 250,000 hour, payback is 7 years not counting the saving on AC, they run much cooler in an 8-foot ceiling. They dim PERFECTLY, they contain zero mercury, light is beautifuly, but they are directional. I am very happy with them so far, call me in 7 years. But I'm never buying another stinking CFL unless there is a major redesign, I'll just lamp down to halogen incandescent, at least I'll be able to see something and dim them if I wish.

p.p.s. I make plenty of typos and spelling errors and will kake more, thankfully, that particular one belongs to the headline who put it online 'typesetter.' I plead innocent, your honor.


Marty Richman

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