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Ball’s Bluff Battlefield is a great location for local residents of Manassas and surrounding areas to hike explore and learn about Civil War history. Walking through the paths, it is easy to lose your sense of time as the area seems to relax you as you stroll across milestones, wildlife and open fields. Though, some may say that those who gave lives in the battle may still be roaming those fields, still fighting or trying to find their way.

There are different reports of paranormal activity throughout the battlefield. However, it is not suggested to survey the area after hours as it is considered as trespassing offense. There are a few accounts of disembodied voices, even during daylight throughout this historic park. In addition, some have reported apparitions who they have mistaken for reenactment soldiers. Then upon further inquiry find that there was no such person on the premises.

Can some apparitions be misguided as there may be someone who likes to dress up in Civil War era clothing, walking off the path? Although there may not be an abundance of eyewitness accounts, the history is enough to draw someone to this battlefield. Take a detour on your next trip to or past Manassas. Maybe you’ll be the one to determine if Ball’s Bluff Battlefield present day is still accompanied by its past.

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