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Streamline your beauty routine to start the new year off on the right foot. Make things easier on yourself and have less stress. Mornings can be hectic, whether you go to school, go to work, and/or have children to take care of. Sometimes the snooze button is just too tempting, shortening the time allowed to get ready for the day.

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  • Here are a few ideas to streamline you morning beauty routine:

    Don’t feel guilty about not doing your “whole face.” Just concentrate on the important things. What’s important to you? If the major issue is correcting skin tone, then primer and foundation may be your main focus for the new year. Whip on some mascara and lip gloss, and be off. Stay with the essential products to keep things simple to streamline your beauty routine. Top items for your basic makeup bag are: concealer, foundation, mascara, maybe some eye shadow for a boost, and some lip color.Pick mulittaskers. Look for makeup products that serve more than one purpose. Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector acts as a moisturizer, BB cream and light foundation with SPF 15. Revlon’s New Complexion One-Step Compact Makeup has a two-in-one cream to power formula that goes on smoothly and has a powder finish. It too comes with SPF 15.Shower and wash your hair the night before, so you are less rushed in the morning. Keep in mind that you may not need to shampoo your hair daily. You may be able to go for every other day, or try supplementing with dry shampoo.Keep you hair styles simple to streamline your beauty routine. Get a good haircut that keeps its shape and is easy to style. Regular trims reduce dead, fly-away ends. The same advice can go for your eyebrows—keep them nicely groomed in a flattering shape.Keep your things organized. Digging around, searching for something is irritating and time consuming. Save yourself some time by keeping your makeup and accessories organized, so you can get to the item you want right away.If you do your nails use an all-in-one product, like Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure. It includes a base coat and topcoat with the nail color. It also lasts about a week, saving you from the fuss of removing chipped polish and needing to redo it.

    So for the new year, saving time and being better organized might be a resolution. Streamlining your beauty routine can help your morning go easier.

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