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Quick thoughts on what the New America (Amerika?) appears to be:

The relationship between the US and Israel is strained close to the breaking point by a series of moves by the current President. This while the President reaches out to Islamic republics which have for years declared the nation of Israel must be eliminated.

Margaret Thatcher dies and the President all but ignores the event. Thatcher's unpardonable sin appears to be her conservatism as well as her close relationship with President Reagan. Nelson Mandela dies and the President orders the flags in the United States flown at half-staff and of course travels to South Africa for the memorial (ignoring, by the way, Mandela's controversial relationship with the US in the past).

Remember the idea that ALL Americans should have "access" to health-care? Setting aside for a moment that no American actually was denied access to health-care, let's look at the "New America" and the results of the ACA: according to the Administration 2.1 million have signed up for Obamacare while 4.2 million have lost their health insurance. Change you can believe in!

Robin Roberts comes out as gay- front page news. (Please understand, I admire and respect Robin Roberts for her reporting ability and her courageous battle with cancer but I couldn't care less about her sexual preferences.) Sylvester Stallone commits his life to Jesus Christ and...... the silence is deafening.

Muslim clerics here and around the world advocate capital punishment for adultery and/or homosexuality yet we are told we must be tolerant of other peoples' views. Phil Robertson says in an interview that he believes homosexuality is a sin (and adds that we are all sinners) and the fallout is instantaneous. A&E Network suspends him from the hit reality show Duck Dynasty then reinstates him after a national campaign of support. At least they didn't try to have him stoned.

This is the new state of the nation January, 2014.

Happy New Year!

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