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@Anothervoice: I tried to write about what I thought the voter's perspective was, not my own. No one I talked to before the election forecasted it would be anywhere near that close in District 1, so something must have been going on there that was unseen. Since Starritt ran on the platform I described, it was the only logical answer, if you have another I'd be glad to hear it.

No can can do anything alone at the BoS, there has to be three votes minimum (a majority), but - in general - they wait until the last minute and too many times long after the last minute before making these difficult decisions. If we keep living on one-time money, as we have, sooner or later we're going to get burned. I did not like the the last idea of across-the-board cuts which were sold as 'fair' - the BoS does not get elected to be fair in layoffs, they get elected to run things and that means tailoring your decisions to do what's best for the county residents. To manage is to decide.

I don't know anyone who pinned all, or even most, of the problems on Margie Barrios, but it would be silly to just ignore the almost half of District 1 voters who were dissatisfied. As for housing, almost nothing is being built, just a bit here and there, but there is plenty on the drawing board. I know you object to any private profit, but there are no 'gold mines' here - check your facts and the bankruptcy courts. I agree that we must have increased economic activity, but we are caught between the famous rock and the hard place, we can't pay for what we have now and we are looking for a lifeboat.

We are here because we gave away the store when times were good - the voters demanded it and not enough politicians had the guts to say no. So, how do we pay the bills tomorrow? We might have a one time .2 million ERAF refund of disputed money, what we make believe that's it's 'income' as we usually do and just worry about finding more next year or shall we get frugal now and keep it as a reserve in case things get worse? I know what I'd do - now is your chance to say.


Marty Richman

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