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There are many singers that go to Nashville with the expectations of becoming huge stars, and most of these singers just don't make it for one reason or another. It takes more than just talent to make the spotlight in Nashville. It takes a lot of work, perseverance and good connections. One young singer/songwriter that seems to be making all the right decisions is David Brendan Hunt, who is managed by Angel Jennings. Angel is the Artist Management, Talent and Production Coordinator at The Nashville Connection.

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  • Angel says that David is very active in the country music scene in Nashville, and that he released his latest album, "Be With Me" in Aug, 2013. This album was released through Hitman Records out of LA and Nashville. The album was was produced by Roger Ryan of After Touch Music. The album contains eight songs, all written by David and a couple of co-writers.

    Angel says, that last year David wrote one of the theme songs for The Nashville Connection with Gabe Jordan. The name of the song is, "When A Good Man Falls," and that David is writing the theme song again this year with Rich Fagan. "David got involved last year and because of The Gold Star Mothers, he wanted to continue this year. He will be singing the national anthem before Gloriana performs at the benefit concert in March.

    David has performed in numerous locations, and is proud to say that he performed at The Country Music Hall of Fame for the Whiskey Festival. David is also a regular at The Welcome to Nashville Show at the Silver Dollar Saloon every Thursday.

    This writer had an opportunity to interview David recently about his life and career. Here is that interview.

    EX: I appreciate the fact that you took time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for the Nashville Music section of the Examiner.

    David: As an independent singer/ songwriter, I really appreciate you guys getting our music and message out there.

    EX: Your career is sky rocketing David! Is it hard to keep up with what is happening, or is everything falling in place for you?

    David: Our team is really excited about the new album, “Be With Me”. We released the album in August through Hitman records and we are using all of our efforts to get it out there. Well it is kind of like a car with five speeds; sometimes you’re in first gear, sometimes in third gear.I would really like to stay in fifth gear, but it is all in God’s time.

    EX: I can understand that. Did you image things happening this fast when you first entered themusic world in Nashville?

    David: Never really thought about the time line honestly. I feel blessed. When people in this town tell me that they like my music, it gives me the inspiration and drive to keep going.

    EX: What influenced you and started your interest in music? Did it begin in childhood?

    David: Originally the church gave us a piano when I was young. I never sang…just played. Then my mom got me a guitar for my 14th birthday and I learned three chords, sang a Beatles cover tune in front of friends, and they encouraged me to pursue singing. Since then, I have had the opportunity to open for some of the best of the Texas Circuit, written with top hit songwriters, recently released my third CD and have a team around me that believes in me, as well as, one hell of a manager. Let me tell you, without the right team and the right manager, you are not doing anything.

    EX: I know that is true. Is here a particular singer that is your favorite?

    David: Jim Croce, Willie Nelson, Don Williams, and a new upcoming artist, Austin Webb.

    EX: I recently wrote an article for the Nashville Connection that showcased Austin in a video. He certainly has talent. What are your plans for the future David?

    David: Keep writing, playing, entertaining and walk through the doors that God opens.

    EX: It sounds like you are taking the right path. What advice would you give to a young person getting into thecountry music arena?

    David: Love what you do, Stay true to yourself, your God given gift and when it stops becoming fun, get out…that is the main part of this business…having fun and entertaining.

    EX: In closing, I would again like to thank you for giving the Nashville Music Examiner this interview, and I will be watching your star as it continues to rise!

    For additional links to David and his music visit him at:


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    Until next time, "Keep a Song in Your Heart."

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