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Marty being a county resident I don't have any real investment in Hollister except for an occasional shopping trip to Safeway, Target or the Bank. That said, I do keep a real sharp eye on activities of the local politicians of both Hollister and San Benito County. As for our federal politicians there is less one can do except to stay informed and vote for or against them. I am extremely disappointed in our local and state representatives. Keeping their jobs by giving away freebies is all they are capable of doing.

I believe this current monetary crisis is going to end up making us all stronger. There will be much hand wringing by those whom have become accustomed to living on programs that others pay for through work.Society is going to force us to re-prioritize our lives and remove the fat. Those of us who pay taxes will be watching our local politicians. You are correct very few people were present at the budget meeting but that does not mean they were not listening. When our lives are personally affected is when we will take action at the voting booth. This is not a struggle between 99%s and the 1%s. this is a struggle between the working class and those who don't work. The working class will fight tooth and nail to keep what they have but will have little sympathy for those who don't work. The time is not quite ripe but I predict we are going to undergo a financial showdown/revolution very soon. Because we were not at the meeting does not indicate a lack of interest.

Marty once again thank you for your very critical analysis of the political and economic doings in San Benito County. You deserve a Pulitzer Prize.

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