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You all crack me up and obviously dont have a clue what it takes to handle such a case like this. You all sit in your houses and watch your CSI shows and think that this is how it is in the world. If you all would have read Grady's story he admits that he didnt tell the police of his suspicion of David for some time. You all think that the police can just go and bust open anyones house on a hunch and think that this will fly in a court of law. I relaize you all think by watching your Cold Case SVU episodes that this is how things are handled, but in all reality the suspects in the justice system have ALL THE RIGHTS. Im not saying that I agree with it, but thats reality people.

Everyone wants to bash HPD and do the woulda,coulda,shoulda scenarios after the fact, BUT maybe you should open your eyes and see the big picture. This case was closed within two days, hello Sierra Lemar is still missing and those law enforcement agencies have had A LOT more resources than HPD did for this case.

I understrand Grady's frustration and cant imagine the pain he has to endure, but mostly I feel for the young child in this story. I commend Grady for his efforts he took, hiring a PI and organizing his own searches with family and friends. Thats what all of us would do if it was one of our loved ones that was missing. I doubt HPD didnt take this case seriously, Im sure every moment from start to finish every available resource and possible lead was exhausted to the fullest. It actually sounds to me that Grady thinks that everyone at HPD should have worked on this case and not worry about the rest of the communityand other victims that may have occurred during the time this occurred. So out of a population of 36,000 who could have wanted police assistance, Grady felt that it was his case that only mattered in the city.

People want to always critisize the police deparmtnet and want everyone punished for every single crime possible, yet they dont realize that as severly understaffed both police agencies are, it just cant be done. Instead of the police being blamed for the lousey parents who dont know what their kids are doing, or who dont care what they are doing, why dont we start making them accountable? Its not HPD's responsibilty to raise all the kids that most in this town have failed miserably at doing. I see it everyday when im at the store kids just running amuck and the parents not having a care in the world or any clue. People need to be parents, not the police department.

I have had nothing but great experiences while working with HPD or the Sheriffs department and feel that they are doing the best they can with what limited resources they have. I think instead of sitting on your computer bashing your law enforcement agencies, maybe you should assist them whenever you can. I know if I didnt stand up for myself and was willing to become a witness that the people who stole from me would not be held accountable, but I chose to tell myself that I wasnt going to let some cracked out gang member take advantage of me.

In my experience, I have found that communites that work with their law enforcement agencies and support them will end up being a better community in the long run.

Bottom line is the David Quroiz is in jail and admitted to his crime. Im sure he will be held accountable to the fullest extent possible by the judicial system. A mother and wife was taken away from her five year old son and husband for no reason.

This crime in a perfect world wouldnt have happened, but there are people out there that do things that cant be explained. Really its just a waste for a 25 year old to lose her life over an argument that none of us know what it was about.

Lets not disgrace this young womans memory by gossip or what may or may not have been taking place. No matter how you slice it a woman is dead, a child is without his mother, a father has had his world shattered by someone he once held as a friend and the person responible is in jail where all of us will cover the cost to house him in prison.

Also Marty Richman I can tell you right now, there is NO WAY I am voting for you, because you obviously dont know anything about police work and for you to even critisize them as an individual running for Mayor shows me a lot. I honestly think that the only reason that you want to become mayor is so you can write your gossip column for this newspaper and throw whatever mud you can on this city. There is no way you give a care about this community. You write nothing but half truths and throw a bunch of numbers out that you obviously never understand. You are not an individual that will do anything good for this community. You will only continue to be the gossip columnist.

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