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@Tod duBois: Just to be clear I have no problem with Mr. Emerson's 5,000 a year CalSTRS pension - he earned it under the rules and it's all his. Personally I have a military pension worth less than ,000 a year pre-tax and I believe I earned that too.

My problem is that Mr. Emerson says he cannot find one dollar - except a borrowed dollar - for economic development in the budget and only now does he say there must be additional employee concessions. Shouldn't he have made substantial personal concessions long before this if he is really a leader or is it all about whatever you can wring from the system? You lead by example, does he really need the city, down to its last buck, to have paid part of his employee portion of CalPERS when he had a huge public pension already?

Tell me, if concessions are so important what has he been waiting for? (I wrote about it) Why did Mr. Emerson vote to approve the last set of employee contract changes when he knew there was no financial analysis available for the public to review? (it's in the minutes) Was the public supposed to guess at the numbers - no one can understand the mess that passes for MOUs here - not even half the people in the city administration (it's in the minutes)

Why did Mr. Emerson vote to approve some added retirement benefits when we were already in deep financial trouble? (it's in the minutes). Did ANY of those added benefits apply to him?

If he's a financial expert, why has he never mentioned that the city is paying some lifetime health care benefits to retirees and they never set up a trust fund to do it - it equaled 7% of payroll, more than 0,000, in 2011. Did he forget about that obligation? (I posted about it).

I'm just tired of and the failure of leadership to set the example and this is not just election related, I am in record in all these instances.

I have serious questions about all of that and our real financial condition based on Mr. Emerson's statement that if we give a council under his leadership another million over 5 years, but he can't find a dime for increasing reserves, lowering the cost of recreation, or doing economic development, only salaries and benefits.

He inherited a million reserve and we added about million in added sales taxes, that's million, but the reserves have dropped to .2 million, so million went away.

I do not believe that questioning the use of public funds, the award of public contracts, and gaining a personal benefit from those are personal attacks - they are the essence of government, leadership, and ethical behavior.

Unlike you I support Measure E, unlike Mr. Emerson I'm for using it wisely to secure our future.


Marty Richman

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