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-In the Friday September 21, 2012 Guest View, the Donner Party was discussed. An example of modern cannibalism that is taking place is Barry Hussein (since Mr. Romney was referred to as, Willie Mitt ) taking money from those who went to school, found a job, worked hard and earned an income only to have a lot of their money eaten away and given to those too lazy to work, commiting fraud and living off of others (welfare and entitlements). It is not a crime to have a job and earn an income. It is a crime (and a shame) that we have to support those here illegally and those too lazy to work- and who know how to work the system.

-In this View, it was discussed how the Republican leadership did not attend a dinner and friendly chat, invited by, according to the article, Mrs. Obama. What about Barry Hussein's failure to meet with a nation's leader while he is in the United States? What about Obama's scheduling conflict, to be on Letterman and The View? There is a strong chance for a major war in the Middle-East and the President is too busy to meet because of television shows? What about the attacks on American soil (9-11-2001 and 9-11-2012) and the murder of four Americans? I guess talking to Whoopie is more important, huh?

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