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With deep gratitude, I would like to thank Mr. Perez for courageously speaking and sharing the truth about his knowledge and experience about the real facts regarding the Islamic faith. I applaud him for his dedication to educate the future leaders of our country to appreciate and celebrate the diverse tapestry the cultures represented in our community, and not reducing them to the lowest common denominator. After personally meeting and hearing comments from the patriot /tea party group during the three community meetings regarding this center being built, there is no doubt that this is a serious civil rights issue regarding basic freedom of religion. The opposition group vocally heckled Muslims in the audience with threats such as 'terrorist', 'go back where you came from', and 'we don't want you living here', and boldly yelled 'You better watch your back for speaking up.' It does not take a rocket scientist to make the distinction between genuine concerns, and ignorance bigotry. This is based on this groups own very public comments which are now documented, and further confirmed by their hosting this self-proclaimed ‘expert’ who has trouble rounding up people to even attend his brainwashing sessions. Their spokesperson has been correct on only one comment she has ever made, in that it is accurate that “she does not know these people”-true Muslims. Sadly, the people who hosted this brainwashing session on Saturday have rejected any open opportunity inviting them to learn about the facts about true Islam. I pray that this group receives guidance to rid their hearts and minds of anger hate, and that it be replaced with love and mercy for humanity. Mr. Perez, you are an incredible role model for your students and I appreciate you making the world a better place for others by speaking up. Doing the right thing is not always the easy right, but it always remains the right thing to do. I now call upon my public officials, such as my mayor in Gilroy and other city officials to also speak up against individuals infiltrating our community to spread hate.

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