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Even more amazing and a testament to the benefits of competition in a free market society is Elon Musk and Space-X. From a private company on paper in 2001 to sending a ship to space and back in 2011, something only 5 countries have done is amazing. Then, last month bypassing their 2nd test flight because they are that good and combining it with their 3rd, became the 1st company to send a craft and supplies to the ISS, and the only entity to return it back to earth (all the others litter the atmosphere on re-entry). My point is nothing in the government happens quick or cheap. Space-X is subsidized by your dollars but they do the job in half the time and at half the cost. It costs us about 65million a seat to send an American to space aboard a Russian craft. That's an awful lot taxpayer $ that could be wisely spent otherwise and second, it's quite embarrasing and says much about where we are as a world nation, specially when you think back to the days of the space race . Now we have to hitch a ride with THE RUSSIANS! Thanks to our current administration, where we've gone from yes we can in 2008 to why we couldn't in 2012 we have no quick government alternatives. Thanks to the Bush administration, they opened up space to private enterprise, and we have won and continue to lead the way in the privatization of space.

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