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We need facts on ALL sides but the O G/E P have most of the info and we only get what was pblished and circulated - so open the files...remember the same problem arose on the DeepWaterHorizon - no one with deep pockets wants any evidence.

Remember also - API/EPA/OBAMA always say - If PROPERLY done, fracking is OK , There is NO EVIDENCE of contamination but also Field Supervisor was poached to death in Kern Co Steam Fracking Blowout, CPUC closed down the Montebello Gas Storage Field because of leaking and falsifying evidence , PXP had a blowout in Culver City, StJames had a blowout in downtown LA, and Ross Store/Wilshire Courtyard had blowouts....were these stray fracks???

SB Board of Supervisors is considering a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing because we, they don't have the pages of facts...but as the head of DOGGR said - it(fracking) is regulated but not reported , but then he retreated a bit when he said Since we don't have regulations for fracking, we can't stop it - but check DOGGR facts in 1960-62 various E PCompanies fracked in CA and included descriptions in their permit applications for drilling and reworking of wells.

They are not bending to hysteria because concerrns have come to all of California

Peddling misinformation is David's job...we aren't outside of the state and this O G man has been in almost every field in LA and Ventura counties and I have my concerns based on 40 years in O G and water/steam/fire flooding of depleted field

I don't prey on people's fears I tell them the facts I know and basic risks without informed consent which I believe is the SBCSuperrvisors focus.

THIS activist does not fear most are facts but the unpresented risks and facts that the O G industry is putting on farmers, ranchers, and the people living overr the many oil fields in CA. BUT to be On the same page we have to have the same pages that are buried in the O G and DOGGR files.

Hey David, the E P companies can't stand the fact that major environmental accomplishments would be impossible without hydraulic fracturing - elsewise where are they - that is why when you are sworn in the court requires, The Truth, Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth. OBTW if you want to deal with CO2 look first to the economy - The Second Great Depression , sorry they call it the Recession . It is the Economy Stupid and it is world wide...

Let's start with the fact that hydraulic fracturing is a safe and proven technology, used more than 1.2 million times in the United States since the late 1940s. More recently, it has helped create surge in domestic oil and gas production from shale formations and an economic renaissance in other states. California also has tremendous shale resources, and accessing that energy with hydraulic fracturing will mean more jobs and tax revenue for our state. It will also mean increased economic and energy security as we currently import over 63 percent of our petroleum from out of state and foreign sources.

Activists routinely charge that the hydraulic fracturing process, which takes place thousands of feet below the ground, can contaminate shallow drinking water aquifers and trigger damaging earthquakes. What do the experts say? According to Stanford University geophysics professor (and Obama Administration advisor) Mark Zoback: Fracturing fluids have not contaminated any water supply. As for earthquakes, a recent report from the National Academy of Sciences found hydraulic fracturing does not pose a high risk for inducing felt seismic events. That's because the process releases about the same amount of seismic energy as a gallon of milk falling off the kitchen counter, according to Professor Zoback.

The activists can't stand the fact that major environmental accomplishments would be impossible without hydraulic fracturing. For example, producing more natural gas from shale has dramatically cut the amount of electricity generated from coal, and U.S. carbon dioxide have fallen close to 1990 levels - the same goal set by California's AB 32 global warming law.

As hydraulic fracturing is being debated, let's stay focused on the facts and the economic opportunity it can bring, and avoid passing an ill-advised moratorium based on unfounded criticisms of a safe process that is responsible for significant economic and environmental improvements throughout the nation.

Dave Quast, California director, Energy in Depth is paid by the O GIndustry to provide these articles thru out California.

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