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Editor, Marty hits the nail on the head, again. Hats off to him. And if we follow COG's Smart Growth radicalsocialist policies, then we'll be on the Road to Serfdom. We need a change of direction, not theAMBAG-VTA-COG model of Soviet style central planning. We need to return to our American heritageof free enterprise. COG would not even respond to UPRR's Industrial Development Department'soffer to help us create rail-oriented economic development, even after I invited Strategic RailFinance Corporation's CEO to visit local leaders, after the Transportation Law Institute oneyear in the early 90's. We are reaping what our deaf, dumb and blind leaders have sown--Dr. Zhivago-San Benito--for which our children and grandchildren will condemn our memory.The tax spend-a-holics at the BOS have us fifth worst County in the USA, and heading Souththanks to their radical socialist public policies, waste rewarding, turf protection, and expectingtaxpayers to pick-up the tab for all their boondoggles and special interest protection. Well, thetipping point is long past, and their pig won't fly, so until we get real change, we'll continueto make SBC the Small Business Killiing Fields. That, at COG, they call success. I call itshameful, and intolerable.Joseph P. ThompsonTres Pinos

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