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The burn was a big operation (1,000 acres) requiring a lot of planning and preparation, but it appears to me that not enough planning and preparation went into the notification process portion. I understand that the actual decision to burn is often dictated by the weather and approval procedures, but one of the things they could have done is blocked out some times - after all the crews have to be available.

An early warning could go out with notifications even weeks ahead. : We are planning a burn, the primary target will be the week of...., if that does not fit the profile it will be the week of..... We will publish the immediate notice on (TV station, radio station, Internet address, etc,). You will have at least... hours warning. How about email?

Something like that, then send out the immediate warning ASAP.

Here is a better question, Santa Cruz has a true reverse 911 where you just draw a circle on the computer system and it will dial many, many (more than 100 I think) phones a minute and relay a message. Did anyone even think of using it as an warning about the original burn or the extra smoke when the weather did not cooperate???? That's what planning meetings are for. This can be improved if we learn from our mistakes.

Marty Richman

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