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The stories of injustices continue to flow out of Tibet as we enter 2014. A Tibetan monk has been sentenced tosix years in prison on charges of murder, reports Phayul.com on Jan. 2, 2014. The Sangchu County People's Court handed down this sentence against 48 year old Gendun Gyatso.

The Chinese police have alleged that Gyatso, who is a monk of the Bora monastery in Labrang, kept the police from extinguishing a fire on the body of Sungdhue Kyab, a young Tibetan who immolated himself on Dec. 2, 2012 on the main street in Bora town, which is located near the Bora Monastery. Nevertheless, according to a source family members of Kyab still aren't certain if Kyab is alive or dead.

Eyewitnesses say Kyab was alive when Chinese security personnel took him away following his protest. It has been rumored Chinese authorities had sought the signatures of Kyab's family members to give permission for an operation to amputate Kyab's limbs. It was said when Kyab saw Chinese security personnel approaching him, he began to bang his head against a wall.

Kyab was severely burned and bleeding profusely from his head when police took him away. The next day Chinese police and government officials came to the Bora monastery and arrested five monks including Gendun Gyatso. And so 2014 is already offering more pain and suffering for the Tibetans.


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