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There have been a lot of WWE rumors surrounding who The Undertaker will wrestle at "Wrestlemania 30," from Brock Lesnar and John Cena to Batista. According to Rajah.com on Jan. 2, Undertaker has said that he wants to wrestle Daniel Bryan at the big event.

Whether or not the WWE will grant the Undertaker his wish is another story, but one would think that him wrestling one match a year, he will get to fight whoever he wants. If that is Daniel Bryan, it could catapult Bryan into the stratosphere even if he just has a solid showing.

It should have done the same for CM Punk last year, but injuries and a lot of time off killed whatever momentum he could have had after his big match.

On "WWE Monday Night Raw" this week, Daniel Bryan shocked the world when he gave up in his feud with The Wyatt Family and decided to join them instead of continuing to fight the system. That story should lead through the first quarter of 2014, and then they will start to move towards "Wrestlemania 30."

It is interesting that one of the first big story lines for The Wyatt Family was taking out Undertaker's brother Kane. Some thought it would lead to Undertaker coming back for revenge, but it never happened and the WWE dropped the entire angle when Kane chose to join The Authority.

With The Wyatt Family talking about tearing down the walls, and Bray Wyatt's comments about "The Devil" making him do it, it looks like there are a couple of places this could go to lead to that match. An Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan match at "Wrestlemania 30" could make Bryan's career.

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