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Hello Again Folks ! It has been a while since I have posted a TV trivia quiz. As usual, all of the questions were derived from watching Fargo-Moorhead area TV. Enjoy and have fun.

1.) Who was the first recording artist signed to the fictional Highway 65 record label?

2.) Pop stars Lesley Gore and Chad and Jeremy were both featured in episodes of “Batman” with what villain?

3.) Lisa Kudrow’s voice can be heard these days promoting what food product?

4.) Walter Winchell was an unseen cast member of what 1950s TV show?

5.) What TV superhero faced Boss Duke Slate?

6.) Who quizzed Ralph Kramden on popular songs derived from Italian classics for his appearance on “The ,000 Answer?”

7.) What TV show’s episodes were shown as part of the programming for “Night Gallery” much to the consternation of Rod Serling?

8.) What was Steve Trevor’s rank in the first season of “Wonder Woman?”

9.) According to Elliot Carlin, both Dr. Hartley and Mr. Peterson were wrong. The crowd that was assembled didn’t want Mr. Peterson to climb off the ledge, or for him to jump. What did the crowd want?

10.) What three word abbreviation was originally a part of the title for the TV gossip show, “The Insider?”

11.) What animated series’ title can be translated into English as “Game King?”

12.) For years, Kimmie Boubier and her friends have designated what night as their fun night?

13.) Ryan Hardy is trying to capture what criminal?

14.) Who is the host of “Wildlife Pursuit?”

15.) Oceanside Wellness Center is the setting of what series?

16.) “Secrets of the Castle” is a documentary about what TV series?

17.) Dana Elaine Owens is the given name of what musical performer turned talk show host?

18.) Casey Anderson is featured on what wildlife show?

19.) For what country did Aldrich Ames serve as a spy?

20.) Who visited various zoos as a part of the series, “Animal Exploration?”

Here are the answers to the last quiz:

1.) Who portrayed the only character to make a return visit as the same villain on “Star Trek? Roger C. Carmel

2.) What TV show, which ran from 1965-1970, featured, as actors, two children of two different producers on the show. These actors were a married couple on the show and were a married couple, for a time, in real life? “Petticoat Junction”

3.) What TV character’s given name is Moishe Selig? Buddy Sorell

4.) What fictional TV show writer, who was a character on another TV show, appeared on an episode of “The Danny Thomas Show?” Buddy Sorell

5.) What TV family moved from Bryant Park to Los Angeles? The Douglases

6.) Who supplied the voice of Firestar on “Spider Man and His Amazing Friends?” Kathy Garver

7.) What TV show was set close to Hammelburg? “Hogan’s Heroes”

8.) What literary and TV character was based on a man named Don Shaffer? Radar O’Reilly

9.) What TV couple filed for a divorce in Mexico, but never finalized it? Rob and Laura Petrie

10.) In what town in Indiana did TV couple Helen and Richard Kimble live? Stafford

11.) What is the name of Starfire’s pet grub on “Teen Titans Go!” Silkie

12.) Todd Susman played an often-heard but never-seen character on what TV series? “MASH”

13.) What character performed the song, “She’s Something Special” while portraying a dramatic role on a TV series? Mark McCain

14.) Animated character Kai-Ro took on what superhero role? Green Lantern

15.) Who as the creator of the Bloodbots? Dr. Blood

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