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Winter Storm 2014 is hitting the greater part of 25 states as this is written. We always think we are prepared and inevitably there is something we have forgotten. Most of the time, although the item would provide some comfort it is not life sustaining. However, this time with so much just having been completed in our everyday lives with the holidays and company it will be easy to forget some things. And it is very easy when company arrives to realize that the matches we need or the orange juice we want can be found in the emergency provisions. So we have just raided them and now don’t have them.The Red Cross has an emergency provision list go to it americanredcross.org and check each item in the provisions. And while doing so; be sure to also check for the provisions necessary for the pet in our family. There is a list for pets as well, so that no one is forgotten. In this weather the emergency solar blankets are a great item to have even in the house, if the power is out.Please remember not to bring Bar-B-Q’s inside and if the smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms are hard wired in the home to have battery operated one with the emergency preparedness kit. Take care, stay inside and check on neighbors if you can.

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