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Ruby was found by children on New Year's Day off of Maryville Road in Mitchell, Ill. Emaciated, in shock from a loss of blood, and extremely weak, the one-year-old dog was rushed to Horseshoe Lake Animal Hospital reports ksdk.com.

Veterinarians stated the dog's leg may have been intentionally cut off from the "knee" down.

Partners for Pets, a nonprofit organization who regularly visits high kill shelters, have taken over the responsibility of helping Ruby and are now raising donations to help pay for her surgery and future care.

The organization has also offered a 0. reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved in this egregious case of animal torture.

On Friday morning, the organization's Facebook page posted an update on Ruby's extremely critical condition:

"Partners 4 Pets Update on Ruby: I just visited her at Horseshoe Lake AH and she has perked up some. She looked comfortable and will be spending the evening there. Dr Ervin did some lab work and her blood count was very low due to the bleeding at 17-normal is 35. She was dehydrated also so she is getting some fluids. Due to the low blood count Dr. E felt it would be best to wait til Monday, try to build her up a bit and then amputate her leg. She is on some strong pain and antibiotic meds. She is the sweetest dog and wanted to come out and see me. Those eyes are killers. She did eat a good meal so that is a good sign. Dr. E felt encouraged this evening so let's hope for the best. Lisa McCormick"

If you would like to help Ruby, please click here.

The question still remains why anyone would be mean enough to do this to any animal - much less a friendly, docile dog? If you have any information, please call (618)-540-7387.

Get well soon Ruby.

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