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Wednesday saw two new dirt cheap tactics used by Lady Gaga in order to save her flop album 'ARTPOP." In a super-desperate move to get her flop single "Do What You Want" into the top ten, she released a new version of the song with Christina Aguilera. Given how it has been alleged that Gaga had a huge part in the "Bionic" backlash, we wonder why Christina Aguilera would agree to this.

But it gets even worse. iTunes, who usually sells full albums for , has a cheap bargain bin .99 special on "ARTPOP" for the next couple of days. It has helped the album regain its charting position at number 6, but at what price to Interscope Records? Beyonce, who doesn't need cheap tactics to sell her album, is still at number 2 and is selling her album for the regular price of .99.

There are some other albums being sold at .99 on iTunes. But Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' takes the prize for the most discounted mainstream album in pop music history. Amazon.com was selling the album for .99 for weeks while several record stores worldwide have put the CD in the deep discount bin. Interscope is doing everything they can to make sure Gaga's album sells decently and Billboard Magazine is cheating along with them.

Billboard Magazine agreed to let Gaga's album cut "Dope" become a top ten hit despite the fact that most people have never heard of the song. Now, they have agreed to a special formula that counts the sales, airplay and video views for both the R. Kelly and Christina Aguilera versions of "Do What You Want" and chart them as one song. This is completely unethical as both versions should be considered separate songs.

Lady Gaga's desperate tactics, many which are supported by powerful music industry leaders, will continue to be exposed by this column in 2014. It's going to be a crazy year.

Twitter: @angelacheng91

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