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Have you ever walked a dog that took too long to go potty? Have you ever wondered why it takes them so long? If so, a group of researchers may have discovered the answer you have been seeking. According to an article published on Jan. 2 by Fox News, researchers from Czech University of Life Sciences have discovered an interesting trend in doggy potty habits.

Fox News reports that researchers studied a group of 70 dogs from 37 different breeds while they went potty more than 7,400 times, and discovered that dogs prefer to align their body axis with the Earth's magnetic field when relieving themselves.

The group says that it's difficult interpret why dogs choose to relieve themselves in such a manner, but point out that the dogs not only prefer the north/south alignment, but that they also avoid the east/west alignment with going number one or number two.

That's right, your dog isn't just dragging you around in the breathtakingly cold weather to be mean; he/she may just be searching for the correct alignment before doing the deed.

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