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Happy New Years and Resolutions

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  • Happy New Year fellow gamers! We are at the start of a brand new year with brand new releases like Xbox One and PS4, but before we can move into all the new games and consoles we have some unfinished business to attend. One of the biggest resolutions of last year was finishing what we started and that is pertaining to the giant stack of video games left incomplete on your desk. 2014 is a year for getting your moneys worth and the best way to do that it is to finish what you started and then sell off your completely finished games for in store credit or cold hard cash. Great games that need completion that this writer has personally not completed include Grand Theft Auto V, Batman Arkham City and Borderlands 2. The Gearbox hit Borderlands 2 will be the first of the list to see completion but don’t worry. There will be constant updates on whats going on in the world of video games. In the meantime check out the gallery of cool screen captures from the latest run through of Borderlands 2.

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