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How to fail at your resolutions.

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  • New Years resolutions are made by nearly everyone. To that, nearly all of the people that set them fail miserably. Use your individual past as an example. Consider how many resolutions that you have set for yourself - or repeatedly set. How many have you fulfilled?

    I believe that setting goals is an extraordinarily powerful and beneficial exercise - if you perform the exercise correctly. When you go about goal setting in the same manner as most people, you will end up frustrated and usually give up on those goals with minimal to no success.

    I will use my current goal(s) as an example -

    Like many, I over-indulged this holiday season, I missed workouts, I missed sleep and overall, my tightly kept schedule took a vacation. Also, like many, there are about 50 items I feel like I want to do better right now.

    The trap

    When I think about all of the things that I need to do in order to reach my goals in the quickest way possible the list grows quickly. I can become overwhelmed WITH EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE TO DO!!!!!!!!

    I need to:

      Eat a healthy breakfastStart drinking my health shakes dailyTake my Multi-VitaminAchieve a minimum of 15,000 steps dailyEat less junk food / don't give into cravings and temptationsDrink at least 150 oz. of water dailyWorkout at least 4 times per weekWake up earlierGo to bed earlierBe nicer to peopleWork harderWrite more articles (like this one)Read 30 books in 2014Perform cardio activities at least once per weekPut my clothes away after they come out of the drierNot let mail accumulateKeep my office neaterWrite out "Thank you" cards weeklyPick my 2.5 year old son up from school at least twice per weekWork more assertively and aggressively at marketing my businessBecome more patient

    These are ALL real goals of mine. I would like to achieve all of these and I would like them all done NOW!

    So, a few mistakes I see people consistently make while setting goals -

      These goals are general. There is not enough specific information. What time will I get up in the morning? What time will I go to sleep? When exactly will I write all of these articles? etc..There are no priorities set. Which of these are the most important and time-sensitive?The goals are not concrete. Meaning - they are not written out. If you peruse my list, it is daunting. I am sure there are many things that you want to achieve that you cannot even recall right now.

    The scenario typically ends up looking like this - We have the best intentions, yet, because we have not clarified and organized our goals (resolutions), we end up hurried, confused and stressed. We get behind in our achievements and need to make a success out of the days "to do's", hence, our goals get put aside in favor of completing tasks. Today turns into tomorrow and then, like usual, it is always "tomorrow". Before we know it, we have not thought about our goals nor have we taken action in weeks.

    First Things First

    As I review my list, one thing clearly stands out to me. I call it "Bang for your buck" or a "Trickle Down" habit. The most vital thing on that entire list is for me to achieve a 150 oz water intake daily. I know that if I focus solely on reaching my water goal and set a plan to do it that this single goal will have a trickle down effect on many of the other goals stated above.

    By focusing on this first, most vital item it will aid me in feeling fuller, having more energy, saying "No" to certain temptations, it will improve my workout performance and create a positive, focused mindset. So, then, now that the goal is chosen, you must create an action plan to achieve it. Here is mine -

    I WILL drink 2 glasses prior to my morning coffeeI WILL buy larger bottled water (50 oz bottles) so I do not run out as often.I WILL set my phone alarm for 1:00pm to cue me to review my daily intakeI WILL enroll a few people that I see often in my goal and get aid and reminding from them

    Mind you, this is not a "drink more water" article. This is a focus and efficiency article.

      Write out your goalsMake them specificSet your prioritiesFocus on 1 or 2 things only. If you choose more than that it is not focus, it is distraction.Achieve these goals and THEN add new ones.

    Hopefully, these tips will allow you to set and achieve goals differently this year. If you need more assistance then you should use our Skype coaching options or join our Personal Development and Weight Loss Programs. Give us a call 201-951-8080



    To your success,


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