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Tonight's Bravo episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker," is titled “The Late Bloomer and the Gay Hugh Hefner.”

As the episode begins, Patti and her crew are looking at a variety of men’s underwear. They are from Andrew Christian, the designer who owns a shop in West Hollywood. He is looking for a guy, because he continues to meet shallow guys and wants someone who likes him for him; not who people think he is. He sent a video for Patti to watch, along with some sexy underwear.

As they watch the video, he is the gay Hugh Hefner and has an awesome home and lifestyle. His relationships last no longer than two months, and he is looking for a long-term relationship. He feels that after the sex is over, there is nothing else and wants someone he can have fun with.

David, Patti’s gay assistant wants her to help him, but she will under one condition. Her friend Kathy Wakile, from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” is in town and although her sister Rosie is not a millionaire, she wants Patti to help her find someone. Rosie did not come out until she was 35, and was totally a late bloomer. So they decide to have a full-gay mixer. She put her crew on the hunt while she went to meet with her clients.

Patti went to meet Kathy, Rich and Rosie Pierri at Georgetown Cupcake in L.A. She relates that unlike the housewives, Rosie has to go to work every day and bust her ass. She lives in a small town in New Jersey, where everyone is married, it is difficult for her to find someone. Patti related that Rich’s gas station was near her home growing up in Short Hills. Rosie did not know that she was a Jersey girl. At 46, Rosie wants to find someone who is right for her. When Rich and Kathy left, Patti had time alone with Rosie. Her celebrity crush is Ashley Judd, and Patti will do a dinner mixer and Kathy and Rich will be the helpers that choose.

Patti went to meet with Andrew at his gorgeous home. He wants a guy with nice legs. Andrew is 35 and has only had one serious relationship in his life, back when he was 21. The relationship lasted seven years, and he was five years older than Andrew. Now he is looking for someone with culture, who likes good food and will be an excellent companion.

Patti went over her rules, especially the first one; no sex without monogamy. Andrew felt that Patti knew exactly what he was looking for.

Back at the office, the Wakiles were there to help Patti find a woman for Rosie. Patti was disappointed with most of the choices, but they did manage to find a few prospects.

The prospects for Andrew were so much better than for Rosie, and Patti had a grand old time with them. They found three guys and had to find one of each from Patti’s database, which they did. Now with four for each to choose from, it should be a good mixer.

David sat with the guys and Patti sat with the girls at the mixers. When the women bored Patti, she jumped over to the guy's table.

When the choices were made Rosie chose Gwen, a writer and Andrew chose Daniel, a massage therapist.

When Rosie met Gwen at the beach, she was dressed down, but Gwen wore a dress, a hat and heels. Rosie wanted to go kayaking, and Gwen agreed to take off her heels. Rosie asked if she was a prima donna, but Gwen confessed that she had pulled guts out of fish and plucked chickens and can get her hands dirty. Rosie seemed to enjoy Gwen’s company, and she was feisty like her. After they change, they will go to dinner.

Andrew took Daniel to Prado Restaurant in San Diego, and they hit it off. Then Andrew promised him a surprise. The surprise was a fashion show that Andrew was presenting. He told Daniel that he would leave him alone for a while; unless he wanted to be in the show. Daniel agreed to be in the show, and Andrew was pleased. He did a great job, for someone who never modeled before and Andrew was very happy.

Patti and Justin called Gwen, and she had a good time, but there was no match between them. Rosie agreed, but was grateful for getting her feet wet in the dating pond, and it boosted her confidence.

They called Daniel, who was thrilled, and they are going out again next weekend. When Andrew came in, he was all smiles. Patti was disappointed that he took Daniel to a work event, but Daniel did not mind at all.

After Rosie’s date with Gwen, she has more confidence. She started dating a girl back on the East Coast.

Andrew Christian has left his gay Hugh Hefner image behind. He and Daniel are very happy together.

Rosie and Gwen had a nice dinner together and truly seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

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