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The mask a goaltender wears has become as exciting as what the man behind it does in the crease to protect his net. With the NHL Stadium Series approaching, New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur and New York’s Henrik Lundqvist have unveiled their new armor for the special event, and they didn't disappoint.

Much like the individuals wearing them, the designs that each goalie chose reflects where they play.

For Brodeur, it’s all about simplicity.

The Devils’ goalie released a series of pictures earlier this week, featuring the chrome edition Devils logo in their original red, green and white colors. His signature “MB30” can also be found throughout the entire mask and as always, the initials of his five children aren’t far.

The finishing touch on the back of the mask is the initials of Martin Brodeur's late father, Denis Brodeur, who passed away prior to the season's start.

On the other end of the ice, Henrik Lundqvist went all out in true New York fashion.

From Yankee’s pin stripes to New York's greatest ball players, the Rangers netminder has a little bit of baseball history spread across his mask.

Pictured on the right side of his mask are Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig while the State of Liberty occupies the opposite side.

Bringing it all together in front is the King's pinstriped crown, from his personal Crown Collection.

PICTURE: Henrik Lundqvist's Stadium Series mask.

There’s also been some talk about pinstripe goalie pads that Lundqvist could potentially sport in the Bronx. There’s been no word from the goalie himself yet.

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