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In deference to civil discourse, many SBC residents are frustrated about the lack of socioeconomic opportunities in the county. Mr. Galt seems pessimistic about the prospects of the developing olive market here and expresses his frustration in a retrospective manner.

IMHO, the future of SBC is bright and open to a multitude of economic opportunities. The nascent olive production market here is a sign that farmers and entrepreneurs are investing in a crop with an upward market trend and further diversifying the ag-based economy. Regional social cultures have always conformed to and been defined by the populace and its organization and development in harvesting goods and services that provide economic benefits from the successful capitalization of the domestic product. This is true for apricots or silicon wafers.

San Benito County is an ag-based community with a typical ranch/farm socioeconomic culture juxtaposed with Santa Clara County which has become the information technology leader of the world in the last 40 years.

The local economy will continue to evolve and develop based on its natural resources, economic opportunities and geographical location. I don't begrudge Mr. Galt's perspective and opinion of Hollister and San Benito County. But I do think that too many people judge the current socioeconomic malaise in our community based on a revisionist retrospection of the past and express a negative opinion about positive social developments based on their own limited world view.

One can't expect positive change in the community when one fails to participate in new social events and offers only negative criticism of the effort.

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