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Kurt Angle was a highly successful WWE superstar before he left the company and ended up singing with TNA Impact Wrestling. According to PWS on Jan. 2, Angle did a recent interview and touched upon the possibility of returning to the WWE.

He mentioned that his contract expires in eight months and to never say never. He finished by saying that he will see at that time.

While the WWE has made it clear they are not interested in any TNA Impact Wrestling stars, and when AJ Styles contract expired they showed no interest at all in the biggest star in TNA history.

However, Kurt Angle is a different story. He was made by the WWE, so he should be welcomed back one day, especially when it comes to an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame one day.

The fact of the matter is, the WWE has made it clear they are not interested in TNA talent like AJ Styles, or names like Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe. This means that TNA can underpay any stars they want when their contracts expire since the only company that can pay more has bowed out.

Hulk Hogan left, but he will likely return to the WWE in time for "Wrestlemania 30." AJ Styles left and went to Ring of Honor. Jeff Jarrett left and is looking into other areas to focus his talents.

If Kurt Angle's contract expires in eight months, and TNA Impact Wrestling low balls him, expect WWE to welcome him back with open arms.

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