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What if you had a self-help tool that could be the means for helping you evolve beyond your lowest propensities, helping you to live an abundant life, and be an asset to your own well-being and to that of humankind in general? Meditation could be such a tool.

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What research tells us is that our human brain can be divided into three distinct areas, one related to our basest instincts (the brain stem – the reptilian brain), another related to our emotions (limbic system - the emotional brain), and another to our highest reasoning ability (the pre-frontal cortex - the reasoning brain).The reptilian brain is associated with those instincts involved with viewing the world from one of three perspectives - are the things I see a danger to me, are they something to eat, or are they something to procreate with. Rather primitive indeed. The mid-brain or emotional brain is the beginning of what sets us apart from animals. Here we show the ability for feelings, for empathy, things our snake brother has none of, relatively speaking. The ability to reason is what truly sets us apart from animals, and makes us truly human. We normally pay little attention to ourselves in this manner. When meditation masters then say that we have one more aspect of ourselves that we have never considered, we scoff.

Meditation is that tool that actively and consciously seeks to move our awareness from our primitive urges to what some meditation masters would classify as the divine in us, something beyond the mind - body. Meditation is about, among other things, becoming an emotionally balanced and happy human being when understood properly. Whether we attain a divine state or meditation just provides us the opportunity to see beyond the mundane, to get a glimpse of inner peace; it is a most useful exercise. Begin your own research to validate what the meditation masters say about this evolution of your consciousness right where you are be that Indianapolis or New Delhi. What does a person look like who has evolved in such a fashion, how do they act in the world? The way to find out, as Gandhi said, is to be the change you wish to see in the world, a very practical approach to validating how meditation affects the evolution of human consciousness.

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