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When exactly has the TV mid-season break become the norm? Now we have the mid-season finale naturally, a cliffhanger which psyches us up for a sucking black hole of programming nothingness. This void brings about a new meaning to the adage "hundreds of channels but nothing to watch". As a relief from reruns the newest programming choice instilled by your television content providers leave something to be desired.

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Granted, viewers and programmers (i.e. The Suits) have longed for a solution which would satisfy all parties. Hits like Mad Men and Under the Dome have shown that the summer season is also a viable ratings period. The erosion of the programming model of Spring / Fall seasons has ushered in a new era of programming schemes. Cable has brought (or helped to bring) about a new level of quality televised entertainment. Shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and a myriad of others have stepped up expectations of viewers, as well as actors and writers, for quality minded content. Of course where the pendulum swings one way it must inevitably swing backwards.

Though not exclusively belonging to the reality TV genre, however most of the mind numbing or shall we say less than intellectually challenging content appears to fall into this catch all area. The Spackle of the television programming world serves a purpose, especially during the aforementioned holiday hiatus. Let us not forget that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

For every critically acclaimed, Emmy nominated hit show there stands a Duck Dynasty or the obvious knockoff. Despite being an anathema to high minded "intellectual" viewers and industry soothsayers, Duck Dynasty has confounded expectations by becoming a rating juggernaut. Establishing a gargantuan footprint in the pop culture zeitgeist, the beardy Mcbeardos of Duck Dynasty and their fans have clearly shown their power. Simply type into Google or look around at any Wal-Mart and you'll be bombarded with news and products branded to their name.

So when will this dearth of your beloved entertainment end? Shows will begin rebroadcasting new episodes starting on Sunday January 5, 2014. A quick look at TheFutonCritic.com will give a complete breakdown of what show returns when. Till then try giving into a guilty pleasure or simply try sampling a show that you hear others talk about but you've never had the desire to check out. What's the worst that could happen? Maybe you'll waste a half hour of your life or perhaps you'll find something new that maybe, just maybe you might watch again, most likely during the next hiatus. Enjoy!

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