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Conversion brings people back to the Aperture Science Laboratories. Fans have wanted to know more about the company ever since GladOS let players know that she was still alive. The title of the new Portal game also confirms a long-held fan suspicion that Valve either cannot or will not count to three. Hidden Valley plans to release the game in 2015. The company plans to release a demo sometime in the first quarter of next year.

The demo allows players to witness the return of Wheatley. Since the game takes place between Portal 1 and Portal 2, it may be considered the introduction of Wheatley. Fans will see other favorites return in this action puzzle game.

One character's absence is noticable. Chell does not appear in the game. The heroine spends quiet time deep within the Aperture Science relaxation chambers. Instead, the player takes control of another one of GladOS’s hapless victims. Even though the heroine remains elsewhere, other popular characters return in conversion. GladOS watches over the lab, of course. She is always ready to assist the player in her usual fashion.

As with the previous game, the player must solve a series of puzzles in order to escape from the testing champers deep within Aperture Science. Other fan favorites, such as deadly neurotoxin and promises of cake, make a return as well. It is unknown if potatoes will feature any significant role in the midquel.

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