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One of George Romero’s characters stated that when hell runs out of room, the dead will walk the earth. No More Room in Hell uses this idea to provide a free zombie-slaying MMO. Many of the places in the game look like they were taken directly from the reels of Romero's popular zombie film series.

No More Room in Hell's developers understand the social nature of online games far better than many of their competitors. The mod integrates voice chat and text chat seamlessly. This integration makes it easier for the survivor teams and the undead teams to coordinate their respective efforts. Even Blizzard's World of Warcraft does not possess such a heavily polished social system.

Players start out as one of the lucky survivors of the zombie apocalypse. If they succeed in fending off the undead hordes, the survivors win. If the player fails in this goal, the game does not end. She arises among the undead, and then helps her fellow walking corpses eliminate the infestation of humanity.

Although the social system is excellent and the game play makes sense, the rest of No More Room in Hell can be described as mediocre. The graphics may seem to come out of George Romero’s imagination, but they are neither better nor worse than many other zombie games. The unimpressive nature of the graphics extends to other elements of game design. No Room for the Dead’s soundtrack heightens the mood of the game, but it is not something the player will want to put on her iPod after her gaming session ends.

The game may not stand out from other, similar environments, but for a hardcore mmorpg player looking to expand into more player versus player oriented games, No More Room in Hell offers a viable, low-cost alternative. A player only needs to invest her time. She can download it for free from the official website or directly from the Steam store.

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