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The end of another year is rapidly approaching. Left behind are good memories, difficult circumstances, and for some tragedy.

Carrying heartache or disappointments into a new year prevents the ability to plan for the future. Letting the year go with all it's trails, with intent to wipe the slate clean, and start over, releases stress that may produce anger and bitterness.

Remembering good times, and cherishing memories are precious and should not be overlooked, but should not keep one living in the past.

Personal evaluation may be difficult, especially when there's a lack of feedback from trusted co-workers, supervisors, friends or family. Honest insight points to personal growth in character and integrity.

In a performance evaluation employers look for growth and financial gain. It is equally imperative to recognize the path an individual leaves behind. Is the employee more trustworthy who leaves others encouraged? Or are wounded co-workers left behind while profits have been gained? Employers who recognize integrity and honest character will forgo self interest and embrace people. Unfortunately, there are very few companies who value employees over profits.

Personal evaluation may circumvent reprobation if caught early and rectified. Reminding oneself that everyone has both strength and weaknesses gives greater understanding in the process of building self esteem and personal integrity.

Positive character traits supersedes talents, natural gifts and ability. Developing trust in self and others, facing reality without trying to mask it with negative coping mechanisms, accepting the negative things in life and dealing constructively with each one, along with the desire to achieve personal growth, produces a positive character and develops integrity.

Ending the year on a positive note of forgiving self and others for short comings will allow one to view the new year in a positive light. Working on integrity and character opens new opportunities in life and relationships.

Live life to the fullest!

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