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In Los Angeles, a rogue horse injured 6 people when it got loose at an equestrian center. On Dec. 28, NBC Los Angeles reported that a horse on the trail got loose and ran rampant, knocking children off of their horses and prancing wherever it pleased. The incident happened just before noon time on Saturday while there were quite a few people out on the trails.

"I saw my kids fall off the horses, being dragged, my 6-year-old twins," said one woman. "It was like pinballs. The horse just kept going. All of the horses started running and throwing riders off," said another witness.

The Los Angeles rogue horse was eventually contained but not before sending six people (some children) to the hospital. The Burbank police responded to the scene and it has been confirmed that no one had life-threatening injuries.

"About 15 horses came running towards me on my left, and a few of them didn't have riders so I knew we were really in trouble," rider Marian Hermansea said. It's unknown how the horse got loose or if he was spooked, but anyone who has been around horses knows that a rogue horse can be very dangerous. Luckily no one (and no animal) was seriously injured today.

The Los Angeles rogue horse will likely get a break from riding for a couple of days.

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