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A pregnant nurse was fired over the flu shot. On Dec. 29, ABC News reported that Dreonna Breton was fired by the health care company that she worked for after she refused to get a flu shot. Breton, a registered nurse, was afraid of the side effects that the flu shot could have on her unborn child so she decided against getting vaccinated.

The problem with this is that Breton worked for Horizons Healthcare Services -- the company requires all of its staff to get vaccinated each year -- and that's understandable because it is the medical field.

The pregnant nurse who was fired over the flu shot offered to wear a mask to work and tried to explain her reasons for not getting the shot, but the company has its policies and they must follow them. Pregnant women are more susceptible to the flu each year, so taking a chance on Breton certainly wasn't reasonable for Horizons Healthcare.

It's unknown if the 29-year-old will be able to get her job back after she gives birth.

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