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When news first broke about “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland,” there was a great deal of speculation as to whether any of the characters from “Once Upon A Time” would fall down the rabbit hole or not. According to a Dec. 27 report on Wetpaint, one of them will indeed and very soon.

Until now, the main villain has been Jafar. Oh the Red Queen has had her dastardly moments but Jafar has been far away the main meanie on the show. It looks as if he’ll have company because Cora, the Queen of Hearts is set to make an appearance. It’s not clear how that will work since she was killed off “Once Upon a Time.” She could turn up in a flashback sequence.

Hopefully her scenes will be with Jafar which will make things interesting as Barbara Hershey, who plays Cora, and Naveen Andrews, who plays Jafar, were once in a 12-year relationship that ended in 2010.

“Once Upon a Time” will return Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 7 p.m. “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland” is set to return in 2014 but no date has been announced yet. Until then, keep checking back for more news, spoilers and updates as they become available.

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