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‘American Horror Story’ left fans cliffhanging with a real surprise ending at the midseason finale. The show is set to return on Jan. 8 and everyone is waiting to see if human Voodoo doll Queenie is really dead or not. International Business Times examined the question in their Dec. 26 post.

Some fans have been hopeful that the return of the show will reveal that Queenie is not actually dead. IBTimes, however, refers to a flashback scene in episode 9, “Head,” that shows how Hank’s dad, the consummate witch hunter used a silver bullet aimed directly at a witch’s head to end her life. That bullet went straight through her brain, much like the self-inflicted GSW Queenie fired.

Also, if you go back to early in season 3, you may remember that Hank lured another fire-starting witch to a hotel room. After seducing the witch, he took out his gun and put a bullet through her head.

However, also in episode 9, Hank shot Queenie in the gut. Down but not out, she dragged herself across the floor to get the gun. Before Hank could shoot Marie Laveau, Queenie turned the gun on herself and splattered her own brains. While she has demonstrated an unflinching ability to harm herself in order to inflict pain on others in her role as a human Voodoo doll, the chances of her surviving a shot to the skull from Hank’s gun are slim to none. He would have loaded it with silver bullets which are fatal for witches.

While you may be thinking that Misty Day could possibly bring Queenie back to life as she did with Kyle, Madison, Myrtle and Joan, none of them had received gunshot wounds to the head.

“American Horror Story: Coven” will be back on Wed., Jan. 8 with episode 10 on FX

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