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Three more episodes of season 3 of ‘Revenge’ will begin airing on Jan. 5 but the season 3 producer Sunil Nayar has already been talking about plans for season 4 and beyond. In a Dec 27 report by Hollywood Hills, the showrunner all but guaranteed a fourth season.

Nayar was quoted as saying, “We all feel very confident that there will be a fourth season of the show, and obviously, we’re already trying to think of that now. We all have a belief that the show could go on as long as we keep changing the parameters of what the show is.”

He went on to explain that the show is capable for running for a very long time. However, he acknowledges that when the time does come to end it, he wants – and believes the network does, too – the opportunity to finish the show properly. The fans deserve a resolution, he says.

Season 3 left off with Emily being shot on her wedding night by her new husband, Daniel when he learned she had faked her pregnancy to get him to commit to the marriage. Previews for the next episode have Emily being rescued and waking up in the hospital, an apparent victim of amnesia. Things should be tense for Daniel as he sweats out wondering if she can identify him as her shooter.

We will have to wait until Jan. 5 when “Revenge returns with episode 11, “Homecoming.” Until then, check back often for news, updates and spoilers as they become available.

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