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When you buy your child a video game system, you might expect to find a free game or some cartoons or advertisements or some other perfect complement packaged with the game. What you don’t expect to find is porn on the machine right out of the box. Yet that’s what Tom Mayhew of Virginia found on the Nintendo 3DS he purchased for his 8-year-old son, according to The Inquisitr on Dec. 27.

Tom Mayhew visited the local Walmart to purchase his son’s requested Christmas gift, a new Nintendo 3DS. Upon opening the new gift, Mr. Mayhew’s son “went to play his games, not knowing anything was on it. After a while, [the kids] took pictures of themselves and when the picture was taken it went to a file.”

When the kids reviewed the file to look at their photos, they found photographs they did not take already on the camera application. They showed them to Mr. Mayhew who immediately recognized it for what it was. . . porn. “It was a shocker because we had family here, and there were a lot of kids here,” Mayhew added. “The kids were the ones that discovered those pictures.”

The porn pictures were time-stamped Dec. 1. So was this Nintendo 3DS really a “new “ system or a system that was returned, repackaged as new and put back on the shelf by Walmart? Even so, had Walmart checked out the system and wiped the unit clean, that could have eliminated the problem.

Walmart has issued no comment on the story so far. However, this is not the first time porn and a Nintendo 3DS have met up. Another family came up against the same circumstances with porn pictures on the camera app in 2012. Again, the retailer did not properly wipe the camera app before reselling it as refurbished.

Mr. Mayhew now has to have the “facts of life” talk with his son. He didn't expect to have to do it just yet as the boy is only eight; however, he did learn a big lesson. When you purchase any electronic device for your child, make sure you try all the applications out before you give it to them. This will avoid a gifting fiasco like the one the Mayhews just experienced.

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