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After attending a C.H.A.T. (Connecting Helping, Aspiring, Teaching) session sponsored by MS LifeLines, an educational support service for people living with MS and their families, the recent topic was “Managing Your Health-Care Professional Visit.”

The topic pointed out several things to consider during one’s visit to their health-care professional while dealing with Relapsing and Recurring Multiple Sclerosis. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Be your own health advocate. This can be important to anyone dealing with a chronic illness, not only MS. Be open about your experiences and feelings. Don’t forget to ask questions and be actively involved in your own care.Make the most of every health care visit. Arrive in a timely manner, so as not to be stressed. Be prepared with a written record or log of your symptoms. Ask three significant questions, remembering that the professional is limited for time, so ask the ones that are most important to your care. Bring someone with you because another set of eyes and ears are extra important. Take notes, if you have a journal, it is a good place to keep questions and answers.When family and friends want to help, let them. Everyone has their pride, but when it comes down to getting help, accept it for the things that are most difficult for you to do. Above all, remain positive. Suggested by the author Healthy holiday foods like cranberries are essential to your good healthSarcoidosis suffers hear it all the time: ‘You don’t look sick!’MRI and multiple sclerosis (MS)Sarcoidosis: A day of fun turns out to be a nightmare Managing fatigue with relapsing and recurring multiple sclerosis (MS)
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