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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Whether or not makes the jump back to the NFL in the coming days or years remains to be seen. The Nittany Lions' head coach is , but O'Brien has also reached out to his quarterback Christian Hackenberg within the past 24 hours.

The freshman standout and O'Brien recently talked Hackenberg's father, Erick, told PennLive Saturday evening. The same man who sat in the Hackenberg's living room recruiting Christian a couple years ago is someone whom Erick said he and his son trust. Up to this point that level of trust hasn't changed.

"Coach has talked to Christian and they ve had their own conversation, " Erick said. "He asked Christian for it to stay between the two of them so that s what s going to happen. ... He's talked to Bill and we re comfortable with where it stands."

Erick said given everything that Hackenberg and the rest of his recruiting class have gone through and the way O'Brien continued to stick by them he doesn't have any reason to believe the outcome this time around will be any different. But, the Hackenberg's also aren't numb to how the business of college football and the National Football League work.

Understanding that O'Brien has to do whatever is in the best interest of himself and his family has also crossed the Hackenberg's minds.

"We worry about what you have control over and that s the approach we ve always taken," Erick said. "We don t have any control over that and what s going on right now. ... If [Bill] asks for input I'll gladly provide it. I know Christian will too. But, coach has never given Christian or any other people any reason to believe he s not a guy of his word."

Erick said he can't recall whether or not O'Brien promised Christian that he'd be there for the duration of his career when he recruited him.

Earlier Saturday evening and the head coach told the player that he "isn't going," and that the report "isn't true." Holley is one of four commits in the 2014 class who is in Orlando for Thursday's Under Armour All-America Game. Fellow commit De'Andre Thompkins, who is also in Orlando for the game, said he hasn't spoken to O'Brien.

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