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New Moons are an energetically dynamic time to set intention for the coming month and/or year (from one New Moon to the next or from one Capricorn New Moon, for example, until the Capricorn New Moon of the following year). This New Moon, falling on New Year's Day, has further potential as New Year's Eve and New Year's Day tend to be the one time of the year Westerner's feel compelled to set intentions and resolutions for the year. Unfortunately many do not follow through and feel as if they let themselves down. The New Moon cycle can teach us something about how to maintain resolutions.

Intention/New Beginning/Planting Seeds for the Month: New Moon (week 1)

The First Challenge/Refine Intention: 1st Quarter Moon (week 2)

Fruition of Intentions Set (for better or worse!): Full Moon (week 3)

Synthesis and/or Renewing Intention: Last Quarter Moon (week 4)

Resolutions/Intentions take effort and the cycle moves fast...28 days to be exact! Our body, mind and spirit respond to the movement of the heavenly bodies and our Earth home's movement around the Sun.

For this year try something more creative with your resolution or at least be forgiving to yourself if you break your resolution to not eat any sugar when you do... Perhaps a more broad intention could be more growth-filled! For example: "My intention for this year is to become more open to new experiences" or "My resolution is to create more nourishing relationships in my life." Think it over. What would really bring something fantastic into your life? Making a resolution to exercise more becomes..."I resolve really love and give attention to my body and take actions that help me feel good."

The Capricorn New Moon is on January 1, 2014 at 4:14 a.m. (Mountain Time) at 10 degrees and 57 inches Capricorn (the New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are at the same degrees of the same sign).

All Capricorn New Moons are about moving toward our aspirations and goals with an attention to the collective broad view, taking responsibility for our lives and taking stock!

This New Moon is also involved in a conjunction (joined) with Pluto and Mercury, opposed Jupiter, square Mars and square Uranus (that's a grand cross including 7 planets/lights!!). This cross is a Cardinal Cross (refers to the modality of the signs...so, in this case: Capricorn (Pluto, Mercury, Sun/Moon), Cancer (Jupiter), Aries (Uranus), Libra (Mars).

Translation: This New Moon is aligning with the on-going outer planet aspects which are catalyzing rapid (and often painful and/or awkward) change. It might be tempting to be overcome by the energy of this New Moon and close down or become overly emotional. The key to setting intention with this cross is to create conditions for expression, movement and clearing out the old. Also, this is the final month count-down until the Lunar New Year on January 31, 2014. We have one month remaining of the year of the Water Snake and then we catapult into the year of the Wood Horse! Engaging with the cycle of the Moon this month can yield amazing insights and lay the ground for unbridled growth in the Horse Year. It's all about flow in times of challenge!

Starting the calendar New Year off right:

Katherine McIntosh's New Year's Day Body Bliss Class in Boulder: http://katherinemcintosh.net/new-years-blissful-body-class/

Creating Your Life Workshop: http://katherinemcintosh.net/creating-your-life-workshop/

Suggested by the author Year of the Snake: 2 months to plant the seeds of your creation!
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